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Paula Reds: Keeps for several weeks in the fridge
     ** Eating, baking or making sauce     ** Crisp, slightly tart and tangy in taste

Zestar: Good storage capabilities 
     ** Eating and baking and sauces     ** Sprightly sweet. Tart taste with a hint of maple sugar flavor

McIntosh: Will keep in the fridge for limited time
     ** Used for eating, baking, sauce, bakes down good in a pie     **Mild, sweet/tart flavor

Cortland: Will keep in the fridge for limited time (a little longer than a Mc)
     ** Semi-sweet, excellent for pie, good for sauce (chunky)

Gala: Excellent keepers
     ** Baking, baking whole, drying, eating    ** Juicy, mildly sweet flavor, smooth finish.  Enjoy fresh or in salads

Honey Crisp: Excellent in the fridge keepers
     ** Eating, pies, sauce, baking, salads    **Firm and explosively crisp. 
                Probably the crispest and juiciest apple you’ll ever eat

Honey Gold: Good keeper
     ** Eating, pie, cider     ** Sweet, crisp, juicy

Empire: Very good keeper
     ** Eating, pie, baking, sauce, freezing     ** Firm, juicy tart eating apple

     ** Eating, pie, sauce, baking, freezing     **Tart flavor, good for pies and sauce (chunky)

Sweet 16: Good storage
     ** Excellent for eating, pies and sauces     ** Customer favorite, uniquely flavored, sweet, juicy, crisp apple 

Connel Red: Good storage
     ** Baking whole     ** Eating, cooking, salads, baking

N.W. Greening: Good storage
     **Pies, baking, eating, drying, salads     ** Tart like a granny smith

Wolf River: Not a good keeper
     ** Apple butter, baking, sauce, drying, freezing     ** Very little flavor

Haralson:  Placed in your crisper, will last up to 6 months
     ** Eating, pies, cider     ** Crisp, juicy, tart

Regents: Keep cool and will last until spring
     ** Eating, baking     ** Taste really sweet like a honey crisp

Chestnut Crabs:
     **Pickling, wine, sauce     ** Sweet in taste with a hint of nutty flavor
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